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10 Most Dangerous Countries In the Developing World

In this article, we will explore the 10 most dangerous countries in the developing world. These countries face numerous challenges, such as political instability, high crime rates, terrorism, and social unrest. Travelers and those interested in global affairs should be aware of the risks associated with these nations. Let’s delve into each country’s specific circumstances that contribute to their dangerous status.

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan tops the list due to its ongoing conflict with the Taliban and other extremist groups. The country has experienced decades of war, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world. Unpredictable violence, acts of terrorism, and kidnappings pose significant threats to both locals and foreigners. Travel advisories strongly discourage non-essential travel to Afghanistan.

2. Somalia

Somalia has faced significant instability since the collapse of its central government in 1991. The country struggles with rampant piracy, widespread lawlessness, and the presence of armed militias. Kidnappings, assassinations, and terrorist attacks are not uncommon. Travelers are advised to avoid all travel to Somalia due to the high risk to personal safety.

3. Syria

The ongoing civil war in Syria has had severe consequences for the country’s safety and stability. The conflict has attracted various extremist groups, leading to a volatile environment. Frequent bombings, indiscriminate attacks, and violence make Syria extremely dangerous. Travel to Syria is strongly advised against by all governments due to the active conflict zones.

4. Yemen

Yemen faces a complex array of challenges, including political instability, tribal conflicts, and the presence of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The country has experienced civil war since 2015, resulting in a deteriorating security situation. Yemen’s ongoing conflict has led to widespread human suffering and a high risk of violence, making it extremely dangerous for travelers.

5. Libya

Libya has faced significant turmoil since the overthrow of its longtime ruler, Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011. The country is plagued by armed militias, political divisions, and the presence of extremist groups. Kidnappings, bombings, and attacks on foreigners are recurring occurrences in Libya. Travelers should exercise extreme caution and avoid unnecessary travel to the country.

6. Iraq

Iraq continues to grapple with political instability, sectarian violence, and the threat of terrorism. The presence of various armed groups, including ISIS, contributes to the country’s dangerous status. Kidnappings, suicide bombings, and attacks on public spaces are common in Iraq. Non-essential travel to Iraq is strongly discouraged by most governments due to the high level of risk.

7. South Sudan

South Sudan faces numerous challenges as the world’s youngest country. Political instability, ethnic tensions, and ongoing conflict have resulted in a dire security situation. The country experiences high levels of violent crime, including armed robbery, sexual assault, and intercommunal violence. Travelers are advised to exercise extreme caution and consider the risks before visiting South Sudan.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, despite its rich natural resources, faces significant security concerns. The country has experienced armed conflicts and political instability for decades, resulting in widespread violence and displacement. Ongoing conflicts between armed groups and military forces create a highly volatile environment. Travelers should exercise caution and stay informed about the situation before traveling to the DRC.

9. Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic suffers from chronic political instability, widespread violence, and a weak rule of law. The country experiences high levels of armed conflict, armed robbery, and intercommunal violence. The presence of armed groups and the risk of kidnappings make CAR a dangerous place for travelers. It is essential to avoid non-essential travel to the country.

10. Nigeria

Nigeria, despite being Africa’s largest economy, faces significant security challenges. The country experiences various issues, including terrorism, kidnappings, and widespread crime. The presence of Boko Haram in the northeast and other criminal groups throughout the country contributes to Nigeria’s dangerous status. Travelers should exercise caution, particularly in areas with a high risk of violence.


Understanding the risks associated with traveling or living in the 10 most dangerous countries in the developing world is essential for personal safety. Political instability, terrorism, armed conflicts, and high crime rates make these countries extremely challenging environments. It is crucial to stay informed about the current situation, follow travel advisories, and take necessary precautions if visiting these nations.


Q1: Why is Afghanistan considered one of the most dangerous countries in the developing world?

A1: Afghanistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries due to ongoing conflict with the Taliban and other extremist groups, unpredictable violence, acts of terrorism, and high kidnapping rates.

Q2: What are the main challenges faced by Somalia that make it dangerous?

A2: Somalia faces significant challenges including rampant piracy, widespread lawlessness, the presence of armed militias, frequent kidnappings, assassinations, and terrorist attacks, making it dangerous for travelers.

Q3: Why is travel to Syria strongly advised against?

A3: Travel to Syria is strongly advised against due to the ongoing civil war, frequent bombings, indiscriminate attacks, and violence caused by the presence of various extremist groups.

Q4: What factors contribute to Yemen being extremely dangerous for travelers?

A4: Yemen faces political instability, tribal conflicts, and the presence of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The ongoing civil war has resulted in a deteriorating security situation and widespread violence, making it extremely dangerous.

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Anwar Abdi
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