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10 Most Dangerous Places In Arizona

Arizona may be known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cities, but like any state, it also has areas that are considered more dangerous than others. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks in certain locations. In this article, we will explore the ten most dangerous places in Arizona, highlighting their distinctive characteristics and factors contributing to their reputation.

1. Phoenix

As the capital and largest city in Arizona, Phoenix unfortunately tops the list of dangerous places in the state. While it offers numerous attractions and a thriving economy, its high crime rates cannot be ignored. Property crimes, including theft, burglary, and vehicle theft, are prevalent in certain areas, making it crucial for residents and tourists to exercise caution and employ safety measures.

2. Tucson

Located in southern Arizona, Tucson is home to renowned universities and stunning desert landscapes. However, the city also faces challenges when it comes to safety. Gang-related activities and drug-related crimes are prevalent in some neighborhoods. Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding high-crime areas is essential for ensuring your safety in Tucson.

3. Glendale

Known for its sports venues and entertainment options, Glendale is a city just outside of Phoenix. While it boasts a vibrant atmosphere, it also has a higher crime rate than the national average. Property crimes and theft are more common here, particularly in certain neighborhoods. Taking precautionary measures, such as securing your belongings and staying vigilant, can help mitigate potential risks.

4. Mesa

Mesa, the third-largest city in Arizona, is home to a diverse population and offers a range of cultural attractions. However, it also faces crime challenges. Despite ongoing efforts to improve safety, property crimes and instances of assault occur more frequently in certain areas. Staying informed about the local crime trends and avoiding risky situations can contribute to a safer experience in Mesa.

5. Yuma

Situated in southwestern Arizona, Yuma is known for its pleasant climate and historical significance. Nevertheless, it is important to note that certain parts of Yuma have higher crime rates than others. Drug-related offenses and property crimes can pose risks to residents and visitors alike. Staying cautious and avoiding suspicious activities is crucial for personal safety in Yuma.

6. Tempe

Home to Arizona State University, Tempe offers a vibrant college-town atmosphere and a range of recreational activities. Unfortunately, it also has areas with higher crime rates. Theft, property crimes, and assault are more common in certain neighborhoods. Being mindful of your personal belongings and avoiding isolated areas at night can contribute to a safer experience in Tempe.

7. Winslow

Winslow, located in northern Arizona, may be known for its historic Route 66 sights, but it also faces safety concerns. Property crimes, drug-related offenses, and instances of assault are more prevalent in certain areas. Staying informed about local crime rates and traveling in groups can enhance personal safety while exploring this charming town.

8. San Luis

Situated near the U.S.-Mexico border, San Luis is a small city with unique cultural heritage. However, its proximity to the border also brings challenges in terms of safety. Drug trafficking and illegal border crossings are concerns in this area. Understanding the local situation and avoiding involvement in illegal activities are crucial for a secure experience in San Luis.

9. Somerton

Located in southwestern Arizona, Somerton is a small community that faces safety challenges related to drug-related crimes and property offenses. Although it has a close-knit community feel, it is important to remain cautious and report any suspicious activities to the local authorities. By staying vigilant, residents and visitors can contribute to maintaining a safer environment in Somerton.

10. Nogales

Nogales, situated on the U.S.-Mexico border, is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. Nevertheless, due to its location, there are concerns regarding drug trafficking and border-related crimes. Understanding the potential risks and avoiding involvement in illegal activities is essential for personal safety in Nogales.

While these ten places in Arizona may have higher crime rates compared to other areas, it is important to remember that crime can happen anywhere. By staying aware, adopting safety measures, and following local authorities’ recommendations, you can minimize potential risks and enjoy all that Arizona has to offer.

Note: The generated content may not be an accurate representation of the crime rates in these areas. It is essential to consult reliable sources and local authorities for the most up-to-date information on safety in Arizona’s various locations.


Q: What is the most dangerous place in Arizona?

A: Phoenix is considered the most dangerous place in Arizona due to its high crime rates, especially in areas with prevalent property crimes.

Q: What are the safety challenges in Tucson?

A: Tucson faces safety challenges related to gang-related activities and drug-related crimes in certain neighborhoods. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and avoid high-crime areas in Tucson.

Q: Which city outside of Phoenix has a higher crime rate than the national average?

A: Glendale, a city just outside of Phoenix, has a higher crime rate than the national average, with property crimes and theft being more common, especially in certain neighborhoods.

Q: What should visitors do to ensure their safety in Mesa?

A: Visitors to Mesa should stay informed about local crime trends and avoid risky situations. Despite ongoing efforts to improve safety, property crimes and instances of assault occur more frequently in certain areas.

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