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10 Things To Do In Biarritz

Biarritz is a stunning coastal town located in the southwestern part of France. Known for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Biarritz attracts visitors from all around the world. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, art lover, or a foodie, Biarritz has something for everyone. Here are 10 things you must do when visiting this charming town:

1. Explore the Beaches

Biarritz is renowned for its magnificent beaches that offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Grande Plage, located in the heart of the town, is a perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and indulging in various water sports. For a quieter experience, head to the Plage de la Côte des Basques, known for its stunning cliffs and panoramic views.

2. Visit the Rocher de la Vierge

Make sure to visit the Rocher de la Vierge, a rocky outcrop situated on the coastline of Biarritz. Accessible via a footbridge, this iconic landmark offers stunning views of the city and the ocean. Don’t forget to take your camera along to capture the beauty of this remarkable spot.

3. Explore Biarritz Lighthouse

Climb to the top of the Biarritz Lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the town and its surroundings. Built in the 19th century, this historic lighthouse is a popular attraction for tourists. It also serves as a museum, offering insights into the maritime history of Biarritz.

4. Embark on a Surfing Adventure

Biarritz is known as the birthplace of European surfing and is a paradise for surfers of all skill levels. With its consistent waves and surf schools catering to beginners, it’s the perfect place to catch your first wave or improve your surfing skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding the waves in the surf capital of Europe.

5. Discover Biarritz Aquarium

If you are fascinated by marine life, a visit to the Biarritz Aquarium is a must. Explore the underwater world and get up close with various species of fish, sharks, and other marine creatures. The aquarium also offers educational exhibits and presentations, making it an ideal place for families with kids.

6. Stroll Along the Promenade

Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Promenade de la Plage, a seafront promenade adorned with palm trees and stunning views. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, soak up the sun, and explore the charming cafés, restaurants, and shops lining the promenade.

7. Indulge in Basque Cuisine

Biarritz is located in the Basque Country, known for its unique culinary traditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the delicious Basque cuisine in the local restaurants and cafés. Try some traditional dishes like piperade (a delicious pepper and tomato stew), Basque cake, and pintxos (small savory snacks).

8. Visit the Museums

Biarritz is home to several museums that showcase its rich history and culture. The Musée de la Mer houses an impressive collection of marine artifacts and provides insights into the town’s maritime heritage. The Musée Asiatica displays a remarkable collection of Asian art, including sculptures, ceramics, and textiles.

9. Explore the Biarritz Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Biarritz Market, where you can find a wide variety of fresh produce, local delicacies, and handicrafts. This bustling market is an ideal place to discover the flavors and traditions of the Basque region.

10. Take a Day Trip to San Sebastián

Located just a short drive away from Biarritz, San Sebastián is a charming Spanish city worth exploring. Known for its beautiful beaches, culinary delights, and architectural wonders, San Sebastián offers a perfect day trip destination. Don’t miss the chance to savor some mouthwatering pintxos and admire the stunning architecture of the city.

In conclusion, Biarritz is a delightful destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and exciting activities. From its stunning beaches to its historic landmarks, this coastal town has something to offer every visitor. Plan your trip to Biarritz and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, relaxation, and exploration.
tz is located in the Basque region of France, known for its unique cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in Basque delicacies such as pintxos (small tapas-like dishes), seafood, and the famous Basque cake. Explore the local markets and restaurants to taste the flavors of this vibrant culinary scene.

8. Visit the Museum of Chocolate

For chocolate lovers, a visit to the Museum of Chocolate is a must-do activity in Biarritz. Learn about the history of chocolate, see chocolate-making demonstrations, and of course, indulge in some delicious chocolate treats. It’s a sweet experience that shouldn’t be missed.

9. Play a Round of Golf

Biarritz is home to several world-class golf courses, offering stunning views of the ocean and lush green landscapes. Whether you are an avid golfer or just looking to try your hand at the sport, playing a round of golf in Biarritz is a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

10. Explore the Basque Coastline

Take a scenic drive along the Basque coastline and discover the charming coastal villages and picturesque landscapes. Stop by the fishing villages of Guéthary and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, known for their colorful houses and traditional Basque architecture. Enjoy the natural beauty of the region and immerse yourself in the unique Basque culture.


Q1: What are the main attractions in Biarritz?

A1: The main attractions in Biarritz include the beautiful beaches, Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz Lighthouse, surfing spots, Biarritz Aquarium, and the Promenade de la Plage.

Q2: Is Biarritz a good destination for surfers?

A2: Yes, Biarritz is known as the birthplace of European surfing and offers consistent waves for surfers of all skill levels. There are also surf schools available for beginners.

Q3: What can visitors experience at the Biarritz Aquarium?

A3: Visitors can explore the underwater world, get up close with various marine species, and learn about marine life through educational exhibits and presentations.

Q4: What culinary experiences can visitors enjoy in Biarritz?

A4: Visitors can indulge in Basque cuisine, including pintxos, seafood, and Basque cake. There are also local markets and restaurants to explore for a taste of the vibrant culinary scene.

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