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10 Things To Do In Bruges

Bruges, the charming medieval city in Belgium, is known for its picturesque canals, cobblestone streets, and pristine architecture. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and culinary delights. If you are planning a visit to Bruges, here are ten must-do activities that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

1. Explore the Historic City Center

Start your adventure by exploring the historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Immerse yourself in Bruges’ rich history as you wander through its narrow streets and admire the well-preserved medieval architecture. The Markt, the main square, is a great place to begin your exploration.

2. Take a Boat Tour on the Canals

Discover the city’s enchanting waterways by taking a boat tour on the canals. Drift along the serene canals while listening to fascinating stories about Bruges’ past. This relaxing experience will give you a different perspective on the city’s beauty.

3. Visit the Belfry of Bruges

Climb the iconic Belfry of Bruges for panoramic views of the city. This medieval bell tower stands tall at 83 meters and offers breathtaking vistas. Be prepared to climb 366 steps, as the view from the top is truly worth the effort.

4. Savor Belgian Chocolates

No visit to Bruges is complete without indulging in its world-famous Belgian chocolates. Visit one of the many charming chocolate shops and treat yourself to a variety of delectable pralines, truffles, and ganaches. The city’s chocolate heritage is truly unmatched.

5. Explore Bruges’ Museums

Bruges is home to several captivating museums that offer a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage. The Groeningemuseum houses an impressive collection of Flemish paintings, while the Choco-Story Museum takes you on a delightful journey through the history of chocolate.

6. Admire the Basilica of the Holy Blood

Pay a visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a stunning place of worship and an architectural masterpiece. Within its walls, you can find a venerated relic claimed to be a drop of Christ’s blood. Take a moment to appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty and serenity of this sacred site.

7. Sample Local Delicacies

Bruges is a gastronomic paradise, offering a wide range of delicious local delicacies. Don’t miss the opportunity to try traditional Belgian specialties such as moules-frites (mussels with fries), waffles, and hearty Flemish stew. Pair your meal with a locally brewed beer for an authentic culinary experience.

8. Visit the Beguinage

Escape the bustling city center and step into the tranquil oasis of the Beguinage. This UNESCO-listed site was once home to a community of religious women called Beguines. Wander through its serene gardens and admire the charming white-washed houses that surround it.

9. Climb the Bruges City Walls

Get a unique perspective of the city by walking along the Bruges city walls. Enjoy panoramic views of the cityscape and take in the tranquility of the surrounding greenery. This leisurely stroll offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets below.

10. Enjoy a Horse Carriage Ride

End your visit to Bruges with a romantic horse carriage ride through the enchanting streets. Sit back, relax, and let the clip-clop of the horse’s hooves transport you back in time. This delightful experience will leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in Bruges.

In conclusion, Bruges is a city that effortlessly combines history, culture, and culinary delights. From its picturesque canals to its medieval architecture, this charming Belgian city has something to offer every visitor. Whether you are exploring the historic city center or savoring the divine Belgian chocolates, Bruges promises an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, embark on a journey to Bruges, and immerse yourself in its timeless charm.

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Q: What is the first thing to do in Bruges?

A: The first thing to do in Bruges is to explore the historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Q: What is a must-do activity in Bruges?

A: Taking a boat tour on the canals is a must-do activity in Bruges.

Q: What is the iconic landmark to visit in Bruges?

A: The iconic landmark to visit in Bruges is the Belfry of Bruges, offering panoramic views of the city.

Q: What is a famous treat to try in Bruges?

A: Belgian chocolates are a famous treat to try in Bruges.

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