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Best Indian restaurants in Rome?

Best Indian Restaurants in Rome

Are you a lover of Indian cuisine? Are you visiting Rome and craving the flavors of India? Look no further, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Indian restaurants in Rome just for you. Whether you are a tourist or a local, these culinary gems will surely satisfy your appetite and transport you to the vibrant streets of India.

1. Curry House

Located in the heart of Rome, Curry House is a haven for Indian food enthusiasts. This restaurant offers a wide range of authentic dishes prepared by skilled chefs using traditional Indian spices and ingredients. From aromatic biryanis to flavorful curries, Curry House aims to provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Curry House takes pride in offering a cozy ambiance that allows guests to relax and enjoy their meal. The friendly staff is always ready to assist and make recommendations, ensuring that each guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. Whether you’re a fan of milder flavors or crave the heat of spicy delicacies, Curry House has something to satisfy every palate.

To enhance the dining experience, Curry House also offers a variety of drinks that complement their flavorful dishes. From traditional Indian beverages like lassi and masala chai to a selection of wines and spirits, guests can find the perfect pairing for their meal.

2. Indian Spice

Indian Spice is renowned for its delectable Indian fare and warm hospitality. Situated near the iconic Colosseum, this restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to different palates. Indian Spice takes pride in using authentic Indian spices and cooking techniques to create flavorful dishes that transport guests to the streets of India.

One of the highlights of Indian Spice is its extensive vegetarian options. From classic dishes like palak paneer and aloo gobi to innovative creations using seasonal vegetables, vegetarians are spoiled for choice. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegan dishes, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the flavors of India.

In addition to their vegetarian options, Indian Spice is also known for their aromatic tandoori dishes. Prepared in a traditional clay oven, these dishes are infused with smoky flavors and cooked to perfection. From tandoori chicken to succulent lamb kebabs, tandoori enthusiasts will find their cravings satisfied at Indian Spice.

To end the meal on a sweet note, Indian Spice offers a range of mouthwatering desserts. From traditional Indian sweets like gulab jamun and kheer to fusion creations like mango cheesecake, the dessert menu is a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Maharaja

If you are in search of an upscale dining experience with a touch of luxury, Maharaja is the perfect choice. Located in a charming neighborhood, this restaurant exudes elegance and sophistication. Maharaja takes pride in offering a fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine, carefully crafted to please every taste bud.

The menu at Maharaja features a wide variety of dishes that showcase the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. From classic favorites like butter chicken and lamb biryani to innovative creations that blend Indian flavors with Italian influences, Maharaja offers a unique culinary experience. Each dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavor.

In addition to their delectable food, Maharaja is known for its impeccable service. The staff is well-trained and knowledgeable, providing recommendations and catering to the individual preferences of each guest. The refined ambiance of the restaurant further elevates the dining experience, making it ideal for special occasions or a memorable night out.

To complement the meal, Maharaja offers an extensive wine list featuring both local and international selections. From full-bodied reds to crisp whites, guests can find the perfect wine pairing to enhance their dining experience.

4. Ganges

Ganges is a popular Indian restaurant that has been serving the local community for many years. Located near the bustling streets of Rome, this restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu. Ganges is known for its culinary expertise, creating dishes that are bursting with authentic Indian flavors.

The menu at Ganges caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, ensuring that everyone can find something to satisfy their cravings. From classic vegetarian dishes like chana masala and paneer tikka to non-vegetarian favorites like butter chicken and lamb rogan josh, the options are plentiful.

Ganges also offers a range of bread options to accompany the main course. From fluffy naan bread to flaky parathas, these freshly baked breads are the perfect accompaniment to soak up the flavorful sauces and spices.

To complete the dining experience, Ganges offers a selection of traditional Indian desserts. From creamy kulfi to indulgent gulab jamun, these desserts are the perfect way to end a satisfying meal at Ganges.

5. Namaste

Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Trastevere, Namaste is a hidden gem loved by locals and tourists alike. This family-run restaurant prides itself on its warm hospitality and delicious Indian fare. Namaste’s menu boasts a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the flavors of India.

Namaste takes pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients to create their flavorful dishes. From the aromatic spices of North India to the coastal flavors of South India, the menu at Namaste offers a culinary journey across the subcontinent. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring that guests experience the true essence of Indian cuisine.

The cozy ambiance of Namaste adds to the overall dining experience. The restaurant is adorned with traditional Indian decor, creating a welcoming environment that transports guests to the streets of India. The attentive staff further enhances the dining experience, providing personalized service and ensuring that guests feel well taken care of.

To accompany the meal, Namaste offers a variety of traditional Indian beverages, including refreshing lassis and aromatic masala chai. These beverages complement the flavors of the dishes and add an extra layer of authenticity to the dining experience.

6. Surya

Surya is a charming Indian restaurant located near the famous Piazza Navona. This establishment is known for its authentic flavors and vibrant atmosphere. The menu at Surya features a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes, including fragrant biryanis, flavorful curries, and freshly baked naan bread.

Surya takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create their dishes. The chefs at Surya are skilled in balancing flavors and spices, ensuring that each dish is a harmonious blend of taste and aroma. From the fiery heat of vindaloo to the creamy richness of korma, the menu offers a range of options to suit different palates.

To complement the meal, Surya offers a selection of signature cocktails that combine Indian and Italian flavors. From a refreshing mango mojito to a spicy masala martini, these cocktails add a unique twist to the dining experience. Guests can also choose from a variety of wines and spirits to pair with their meal.

7. Shanti

Shanti, nestled in the picturesque neighborhood of Monti, is a must-visit for Indian food enthusiasts. This cozy restaurant offers an extensive menu that showcases the diversity of Indian cuisine. Shanti aims to take guests on a culinary journey across the subcontinent, from the aromatic spices of North India to the coastal flavors of South India.

The menu at Shanti features a range of dishes that cater to different dietary preferences. From vegetarian and vegan options to gluten-free and dairy-free choices, guests with specific dietary requirements can find something to enjoy. Shanti also offers a variety of spice levels, allowing guests to customize their meal according to their preferences.

The friendly staff at Shanti creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They are knowledgeable about the menu and are always ready to provide recommendations and assist guests in making their selections. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant further adds to the dining experience, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends and family.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in Rome and yearning for a taste of India, these best Indian restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings. From traditional recipes to contemporary fusions, these culinary havens offer a delightful array of dishes that will transport you to the vibrant streets of India. So, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Indian cuisine right here in Rome. Bon app├ętit!


1. Where are the best Indian restaurants in Rome located?

The best Indian restaurants in Rome are located in the heart of the city, near the iconic Colosseum, in a charming neighborhood, and in the vibrant neighborhood of Trastevere.

2. What kind of Indian cuisine can I expect at these restaurants?

These Indian restaurants offer a wide range of authentic Indian dishes, including biryanis, curries, tandoori dishes, kebabs, and more. They cater to different palates, offering both mild and spicy delicacies.

3. Are there vegetarian options available at these Indian restaurants?

Yes, these Indian restaurants offer extensive vegetarian options, ensuring that there is something for everyone. They understand and cater to the needs of vegetarian customers.

4. What makes these Indian restaurants stand out?

These Indian restaurants stand out due to their skilled chefs who use traditional Indian spices and ingredients to create flavorful dishes. They also provide a cozy ambiance, friendly staff, impeccable service, and a refined dining experience.

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