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Best Italian restaurants in Tokyo?

Best Italian Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo is renowned for its eclectic culinary scene, offering a multitude of world-class dining options. While famous for its sushi, ramen, and yakitori, Tokyo also boasts a vibrant Italian food culture. Whether you’re craving a comforting bowl of pasta, a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza, or a delectable tiramisu, the city has a plethora of Italian restaurants to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we will explore some of the best Italian restaurants in Tokyo that guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.

1. Da Isa

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Nakameguro, Da Isa is a charming Italian trattoria that has gained a loyal following among locals and visitors alike. This cozy restaurant specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza, prepared in a traditional wood-fired oven. The dough is made using high-quality imported Italian flour, resulting in a light and airy crust.

At Da Isa, the variety of toppings is extensive and caters to all tastes. From classic Margherita, with its simple yet flavorful combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil, to the more adventurous Prosciutto e Funghi, topped with prosciutto crudo and mushrooms, each pizza is a masterpiece. The Diavola pizza, with its spicy salami, provides a delightful kick for those who enjoy a bit of heat.

The ambiance of Da Isa adds to the overall experience of dining here. The rustic decor, reminiscent of a traditional Italian trattoria, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist with menu recommendations and pairing the perfect wine with your meal. Da Isa is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts looking for an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience.

2. Arva

Situated in the luxurious Aman Tokyo hotel, Arva is a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant that elevates traditional Italian cuisine to new heights. Led by renowned chef Stefano Artosin, Arva showcases a contemporary approach to Italian cooking, using locally sourced ingredients combined with innovative techniques.

At Arva, the menu offers a diverse range of dishes that celebrate the flavors and ingredients of Italy. Homemade pastas take center stage, with options like the delicate ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, served with a butter and sage sauce. For meat lovers, the succulent beef tenderloin, cooked to perfection and accompanied by a rich red wine reduction, is a true delight. Save room for dessert and indulge in the decadent tiramisu, with its layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and creamy mascarpone.

The elegant setting of Arva adds to the overall dining experience. The contemporary design, with its clean lines and understated luxury, creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The attentive and professional service ensures that every aspect of your meal is taken care of, from the moment you are seated to the final bite of dessert. Arva offers a refined dining experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning food connoisseurs.

3. Trattoria Nakamura

For an authentic Italian dining experience with a Japanese twist, Trattoria Nakamura is the place to be. Tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Shibuya, this cozy trattoria combines Italian flavors with Japanese ingredients, resulting in unique and flavorful dishes.

Trattoria Nakamura’s menu changes frequently to showcase seasonal produce, ensuring freshness and variety. The handmade pastas, made daily using traditional techniques, are a highlight of the menu. The rich Bolognese sauce, simmered for hours to develop deep flavors, is served over al dente tagliatelle, creating a comforting and satisfying dish. The delicate carbonara, with its creamy sauce made from eggs and bacon, is a perfect marriage of Italian and Japanese flavors.

The warm and inviting atmosphere of Trattoria Nakamura makes it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. The friendly staff create a welcoming environment, where diners can enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients ensures that each dish is bursting with flavor. Trattoria Nakamura is a must-visit for those seeking a unique fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine.

4. Savoy

If you’re a fan of Italian-American cuisine, Savoy is the ultimate destination in Tokyo. Located in the fashionable district of Azabu-Juban, this stylish restaurant offers a contemporary take on classic Italian-American dishes.

The menu at Savoy features mouthwatering options that will transport you to the streets of New York. The crispy chicken parmesan, with its tender chicken breast, tangy tomato sauce, and melted cheese, is a true crowd-pleaser. The hearty meatballs, made with a blend of ground beef and pork, simmered in a rich marinara sauce, are a comforting and satisfying choice. Save room for dessert and indulge in the indulgent cheesecake, with its creamy and velvety texture.

Savoy’s vibrant atmosphere, with its modern decor and lively ambiance, creates a dining experience that is both nostalgic and exciting. The friendly and attentive staff add to the overall experience, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and well taken care of. Whether you’re craving a taste of home or simply want to experience Italian-American cuisine with a modern twist, Savoy is the place to be.

5. Al Pomodoro

Al Pomodoro, situated in the bustling neighborhood of Shinjuku, is a hidden gem that offers a taste of southern Italy in the heart of Tokyo. The restaurant’s vibrant décor and warm ambiance transport diners to the sunny streets of Naples.

Al Pomodoro prides itself on its homemade pasta, prepared using traditional recipes and techniques. Each dish is a celebration of the authentic flavors of southern Italy. The simple yet delicious spaghetti aglio e olio, with its combination of garlic, olive oil, and chili flakes, is a true classic. The hearty lasagna, with layers of pasta, meat ragu, and creamy béchamel sauce, is a comforting and indulgent choice.

The friendly and welcoming staff at Al Pomodoro create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, making diners feel like they are part of the family. The extensive wine list offers a selection of Italian wines, perfectly complementing the flavors of the dishes. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, Al Pomodoro is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic tastes of southern Italy.

In conclusion, Tokyo not only excels in its native cuisine but also offers a diverse selection of exceptional Italian restaurants. Whether you’re seeking a casual pizza joint or a high-end Michelin-starred experience, the city has it all. From the traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas at Da Isa to the innovative creations at Arva, these Italian restaurants combine culinary expertise with superb ingredients to provide an unforgettable taste of Italy in the heart of Tokyo.


Q: What type of cuisine is Da Isa known for?

A: Da Isa is known for its Neapolitan-style pizza, prepared in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Q: Where is Arva located?

A: Arva is situated in the luxurious Aman Tokyo hotel.

Q: What makes Trattoria Nakamura unique?

A: Trattoria Nakamura combines Italian flavors with Japanese ingredients, resulting in unique and flavorful dishes.

Q: Where is Savoy located?

A: Savoy is located in the fashionable district of Azabu-Juban.

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