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10 Most Dangerous Places In Syria

Syria, a country in the Middle East, has unfortunately become synonymous with conflict and danger in recent years. The ongoing civil war has resulted in numerous areas being deemed as extremely hazardous. In this article, we will explore the ten most dangerous places in Syria, shedding light on the severity of the situation.

1. Aleppo

Located in northern Syria, Aleppo has been at the forefront of the conflict since 2012. It has experienced relentless bombings and fierce battles, resulting in widespread destruction and countless casualties. The city’s infrastructure has been devastated, making it highly dangerous for residents and visitors alike.

2. Idlib

Idlib, situated in northwestern Syria, has been heavily targeted by airstrikes and ground offensives. This province has become a safe haven for internally displaced people and armed rebel groups. With ongoing clashes between various factions, Idlib remains a perilous place with constant violence.

3. Raqqa

Raqqa gained international attention as the de facto capital of the Islamic State (ISIS) from 2014 to 2017. It served as a center for the extremist group’s operations and witnessed brutal atrocities. Although ISIS has been largely driven out, the city still faces security threats and unexploded ordnances, making it a hazardous location.

4. Deir ez-Zor

Situated in eastern Syria, Deir ez-Zor has endured fierce battles between government forces and ISIS militants. The city has faced prolonged sieges and heavy bombardment, resulting in significant destruction and loss of life. The ongoing conflict in this region has made it one of the most dangerous places in Syria.

5. Homs

Homs, once known as the “capital of the revolution,” has been a hotbed of violence and destruction since the early stages of the conflict. It has witnessed intense fighting, including the infamous 2012 bombardment of the city center. Homs remains highly volatile, with various armed groups and ongoing clashes posing significant risks for its inhabitants.

6. Daraa

Daraa, often considered the birthplace of the Syrian uprising in 2011, has faced brutal crackdowns and relentless shelling by government forces. The city has become a battleground, resulting in substantial damage to infrastructure and a severe humanitarian crisis. Due to its active conflict zone status, Daraa remains one of the most dangerous areas in Syria.

7. Damascus

The capital city of Syria, Damascus, has not been spared from the horrors of the ongoing conflict. Although it may appear relatively stable compared to other cities, it still witnesses frequent bombings and occasional clashes. The risk of terrorist attacks and general instability make Damascus a dangerous place to reside or visit.

8. Al-Hasakah

Located in northeastern Syria, Al-Hasakah has seen significant clashes between government forces, Kurdish militias, and ISIS. The region’s rich oil fields have made it a strategic target, leading to ongoing violence and unrest. Residents face constant threats, including kidnappings and bombings, making Al-Hasakah a highly dangerous area.

9. Latakia

While Latakia has been relatively more stable than other regions, it is important to note the presence of ongoing tensions and occasional violence. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, this region has strategic importance. However, sporadic clashes, terrorist attacks, and the risk of bombings pose significant risks to the safety of the population.

10. Eastern Ghouta

Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, has been subjected to devastating sieges and intense bombardment. The area has faced severe humanitarian crises due to prolonged blockades and limited access to essential services. The ongoing conflict has resulted in countless civilian casualties, making Eastern Ghouta one of the most dangerous places in Syria.

In conclusion, Syria’s prolonged civil war has created numerous dangerous areas throughout the country. The ten locations mentioned above represent only a fraction of the overall level of danger faced by the Syrian people. The conflict has caused unimaginable devastation, leading to the loss of lives, displacement of millions, and the destruction of vital infrastructure. It is our collective responsibility to work towards peace and stability in Syria, ensuring the safety and well-being of its people.


  1. Which city in Syria has experienced relentless bombings and fierce battles since 2012?
  • Aleppo.
  1. Which province in Syria has become a safe haven for internally displaced people and armed rebel groups?
  • Idlib.
  1. Which city in Syria served as the de facto capital of the Islamic State (ISIS) from 2014 to 2017?
  • Raqqa.
  1. Which city in eastern Syria has endured fierce battles between government forces and ISIS militants?
  • Deir ez-Zor.
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