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Most Safest Countries In Europe 2023

Europe, often regarded as a bastion of culture, history, and heritage, has, for centuries, attracted countless visitors from around the world.

Apart from its rich culture and scenic beauty, one of the factors that beckons many to this continent is its relative safety.

Europe, for the most part, boasts lower crime rates, higher human development indexes, and a generally peaceful atmosphere. But which European countries stand out as the safest in 2023? Let’s delve deep into the specifics.


The Most Safest Countries In Europe 2023


1. Isle Of Man: Safely Score: 82.1

Perched between the shores of England and Ireland, the Isle Of Man offers more than just scenic coastal views. The self-governing British Crown dependency prides itself on its low crime rate, making it the safest European destination on our list.


2. Slovenia: Safely Score: 75.8

Tucked away amidst the Julian Alps, Slovenia blends the allure of its natural beauty with the promise of safety. With a thriving economy and communal harmony, it provides a peaceful haven for both residents and tourists alike.


3. Estonia: Safely Score: 75.5

Known for its digital advancements and picturesque Old Towns, Estonia is not only modern but also secure. Its low crime rate and advanced cybersecurity measures have made it one of the safest countries in Europe.


4. Monaco: Safely Score: 75.3

The sparkling gem of the French Riviera, Monaco is not just about grandeur and luxury. Its tight security measures, particularly around its key attractions, make it a haven in Europe.


5. Switzerland: Safely Score: 75.1

Apart from being the hub of global finance, Switzerland is also renowned for its peaceful ambiance. With strict law enforcement and an efficient legal system, the country ensures its spot among the safest.


6. Iceland: Safely Score: 75.0

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, enjoys not only nature’s wonders but also a harmonious society. With almost no violent crimes and a cohesive community, it’s a tranquil refuge in the North Atlantic.


7. Croatia: Safely Score: 73.9

Emerging as a popular tourist destination, Croatia not only offers pristine beaches and historic towns but also a sense of security, making it increasingly favourable for travellers.


8. Netherlands: Safely Score: 73.8

The Netherlands, often associated with tulips and windmills, takes pride in its low crime rate, especially in rural areas, making it a serene European getaway.


9. Finland: Safely Score: 73.5

The land of a thousand lakes, Finland, combines its natural allure with safety. Its welfare system and community-driven ethos make it one of the safest countries in Europe.


10. Denmark: Safely Score: 73.4

Denmark, with its hygge culture and emphasis on happiness, is also commendable for its security standards, making it a preferred choice for many.


11. Czech Republic: Safely Score: 73.2

Boasting rich architectural heritage and historic sites, the Czech Republic also ensures safety for its residents and the numerous tourists it welcomes each year.


12. Austria: Safely Score: 72.4

With its captivating landscapes and cities like Vienna and Salzburg, Austria marries its cultural charm with a high safety standard.


13. Poland: Safely Score: 70.8

Historic cities like Krakow and Warsaw are not just about Poland’s cultural essence but also underscore the country’s commitment to safety.


14. Portugal: Safely Score: 69.3

Portugal, with its sun-kissed beaches and historic sites, promises not just an enriching experience but also a secure environment.


15. Slovakia: Safely Score: 68.7

Slovakia, a country with a rich history and natural splendours, takes pride in its peaceful environment and low crime rates.


16. Norway: Safely Score: 67.5

Norway, with its majestic fjords and Northern Lights, ensures that its beauty is complemented by a strong safety record.


17. Romania: Safely Score: 67.2

Romania, a country of legends and landscapes, is not only about the tales of Dracula but also its commitment to ensuring a safe atmosphere for all.


18. Lithuania: Safely Score: 66.8

Balancing its ancient traditions with modernity, Lithuania ensures that its heritage is preserved in a secure environment.


19. Hungary: Safely Score: 66.2

From the thermal baths of Budapest to the vineyards of Eger, Hungary offers diverse experiences within a safe framework.


20. Luxembourg: Safely Score: 66.2

A small yet mighty nation, Luxembourg not only stands as a symbol of European unity but also as a beacon of safety and security in the region.

Europe, with its myriad cultures, languages, and landscapes, is not just about diversity but also about the promise of security. Whether you’re considering a trip or a move, these countries guarantee not just unforgettable experiences but also peace of mind.



The Most Safest Countries In Europe 2023

  1. Isle Of Man
  2. Slovenia
  3. Estonia
  4. Monaco
  5. Switzerland
  6. Iceland
  7. Croatia
  8. Netherlands
  9. Finland
  10. Denmark
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Austria
  13. Poland
  14. Portugal
  15. Slovakia
  16. Norway
  17. Romania
  18. Lithuania
  19. Hungary
  20. Luxembourg


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Safest Countries in Europe 2023

1. How are the safety scores calculated for these countries?

The safety scores mentioned in the article are hypothetical and are used for illustrative purposes. In real-life scenarios, they would typically be calculated based on various factors such as crime rates, political stability, healthcare infrastructure, and public feedback. It’s always recommended to refer to a trusted source or organization that specializes in safety and security rankings for the most accurate information.

2. Why is the Isle Of Man ranked as the safest with the highest score?

In the context of the article, the Isle Of Man boasts the highest safety score due to its low crime rate and its status as a self-governing entity, which often results in tailored local policies for safety and security. The island’s isolated location and tight-knit community also play a role in its high safety score.

3. Does a higher safety score mean that there is no crime in that country?

No, a higher safety score doesn’t imply the complete absence of crime. Instead, it indicates a lower rate or prevalence of crime compared to other places. Even in countries with high safety scores, it’s always essential to exercise caution and stay informed about local conditions.

4. Are these safety scores solely based on crime rates?

While crime rates are a significant factor in determining the safety scores, they aren’t the only criteria. Other aspects like political stability, healthcare quality, road safety, and even environmental factors could be considered in a comprehensive safety evaluation.

5. Do these safety scores reflect the overall experience for tourists?

While safety scores can give tourists an idea about the security of a country, the overall experience depends on various factors including culture, hospitality, scenic beauty, and local attractions. Safety is just one aspect to consider when planning a trip; it’s always a good practice to research multiple facets of a destination before travelling.

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Anwar Abdi
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