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what are the free festivals in Tokyo?

Tokyo, the bustling capital city of Japan, is renowned for its vibrant culture, rich history, and lively festivals. From traditional events steeped in centuries-old traditions to modern celebrations showcasing the city’s contemporary flair, Tokyo offers a plethora of festivals throughout the year. While some festivals require tickets or admission fees, there are also several delightful and exciting festivals that are completely free to attend. In this article, we will explore some of the free festivals in Tokyo that are not to be missed.

1. Sanno Festival

The Sanno Festival, one of Tokyo’s most important and oldest festivals, takes place annually in mid-June. This grand celebration originated in the Edo period and is dedicated to the Sanno Shrine, located in central Tokyo. The festival spans over several days and features various events, including parades, traditional music and dance performances, Shinto rituals, and vibrant processions of portable shrines called mikoshi. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, witness the colorful traditional costumes, and experience the rich cultural heritage of Japan.

2. Kanda Festival

Another captivating festival that showcases Tokyo’s cultural heritage is the Kanda Festival. Held in mid-May, this festival is centered around the Kanda Myojin Shrine, one of Tokyo’s most prestigious Shinto shrines. The Kanda Festival is renowned for its magnificent processions, where beautifully adorned floats known as dashi are paraded through the streets. These dashi often depict historical or mythical figures and are accompanied by traditional music and dance performances. The festival also includes a variety of traditional arts and crafts exhibitions, local food stalls, and lively street performances that create a captivating atmosphere for visitors.

3. Tokyo Yosakoi Festival

For those who enjoy energetic and dynamic festivals, the Tokyo Yosakoi Festival offers an unforgettable experience. Taking place in the vibrant neighborhood of Harajuku in late August, this festival is a modern twist on traditional Japanese dance. Yosakoi dance teams from all over Japan come together to showcase their synchronized performances, combining traditional costumes with contemporary music and choreography. The festival also features food stalls, live music performances, and various interactive activities, making it a vibrant celebration of culture and creativity.

4. Sumida River Fireworks Festival

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival, held annually on the last Saturday of July, is one of Tokyo’s most spectacular summer events. This grand fireworks display illuminates the night sky, attracting millions of visitors from near and far. The festival offers a mesmerizing spectacle with over 20,000 fireworks lighting up the Sumida River. In addition to the breathtaking pyrotechnics, the festival also boasts food stalls, live music performances, and a lively carnival-like atmosphere. Finding a spot along the riverbank to enjoy the fireworks is a popular tradition among locals and visitors alike.

5. Setagaya Hachimangu Autumn Festival

Celebrated in early October, the Setagaya Hachimangu Autumn Festival is a vibrant event that showcases the local traditions and customs of the Setagaya ward in Tokyo. This festival offers a unique opportunity to witness a variety of traditional performances, including mikoshi processions, traditional music and dance performances, and theatrical shows. The streets are filled with colorful decorations, food stalls serving delicious local delicacies, and lively activities for all ages. The festival provides a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Tokyo and offers an immersive experience for visitors.

6. Odaiba Oktoberfest

For beer enthusiasts, the Odaiba Oktoberfest is a must-visit festival. Held in Odaiba, a popular waterfront area in Tokyo, this festival brings the spirit of the famous German Oktoberfest to the city. Visitors can enjoy a wide selection of international and local craft beers, traditional German cuisine, live music performances, and entertaining activities. The festival recreates the lively atmosphere of the original Oktoberfest, attracting both locals and tourists looking to indulge in delicious food and beverages in a festive setting.

Final Thoughts

Tokyo is a city that never ceases to amaze with its diverse range of festivals and cultural events. Whether you are a fan of traditional customs, modern performances, fireworks, or delicious food, Tokyo offers an array of free festivals that cater to every interest. From the historical grandeur of the Sanno Festival to the energetic modernity of the Tokyo Yosakoi Festival, these celebrations provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Tokyo. So, if you are planning a visit to this captivating city, make sure to check out these free festivals and create lasting memories of your Tokyo experience.

*Note: The content provided above is written in English.


  1. What is the Sanno Festival?
    • The Sanno Festival is one of Tokyo’s oldest and most important festivals that takes place annually in mid-June. It features parades, traditional music and dance performances, Shinto rituals, and vibrant processions of portable shrines called mikoshi.
  2. When does the Kanda Festival take place?
    • The Kanda Festival is held in mid-May and is centered around the Kanda Myojin Shrine. It showcases Tokyo’s cultural heritage through magnificent processions of beautifully adorned floats called dashi, accompanied by traditional music and dance performances.
  3. What is the Tokyo Yosakoi Festival?
    • The Tokyo Yosakoi Festival is a dynamic and energetic festival that takes place in Harajuku in late August. It is a modern twist on traditional Japanese dance, featuring synchronized performances by Yosakoi dance teams from all over Japan, along with food stalls, live music performances, and interactive activities.
  4. Are there any free festivals in Tokyo?
    • Yes, there are several free festivals in Tokyo. Some examples include the Sanno Festival, Kanda Festival, and Tokyo Yosakoi Festival, where visitors can experience vibrant cultural celebrations without any admission fees.
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